Fruits and vegetables processing equipment

BALTIC FOOD TECHNOLOGIES (BFT) supplies,operates and maintains technological equipment lines and workshops processing vegetables, fruits, and root vegetables.  This includes equipment used for processing raw material intended for storage and transportation, as well as equipment used for initial processing, washing, cleaning, cutting, freezing and packaging.

The company supplies the fruit and vegetable processing equipment necessary for preparing various vegetables and fruit so they are ready for sale. We also supply vegetable peeling devices. Our processing equipment is scalable,  allowing us to offer simple individual pieces of eqipment that can be used by customers with small quantities, as well completely automated lines necessary for customers processing large quantities of vegetables. We can find technical solutions and select the equipment necessary to satisfy all customer requirements. We offer big bag fillers, dispensers, sorters, bunkers, conveyors and elevators, weighing machines, and automated machines for packaging products in polyethylene, paper,  or net bags, etc.